Thursday, September 29, 2011

Home Study and Drama

So we completed our home study visits with our social worker. She was very nice. It was a crazy week, she came during the boys back to school nights, soccer practice, and me going out of town for my niece's wedding. Yet, its complete now we are just awaiting the final copy so we can file our I 600 forms.

Yet, in that process big T was asked if he had any contact with the police as a child. So he told her yes, and about the time he received a ticket that was dismissed by a judge. She then made the decision to have his juvenile records checked and he has to write a letter of apology to go in the home study. Crazy. The ticket was for trespassing on school property. He was there while adults were walking dogs, running on the track. Yet, he received a ticket for being a kid on school grounds. So him and his Mom decided to fight the ticket and take it to court. Rightly so the ticket was thrown out for its ignorance and the wanna be police officer (he was a school officer not a real police officer) was told to get a life. Yet, now due to the fact that he went to court over this he has to write a letter of repentance and we had to verify his juvenile record was clear. I am not sure about all this and think that they are going a little overboard with this.

Besides that the Director of Operations of IHNFA was suspended last week leaving a lot of questions in regards to our Honduras adoption. We do not know what God's plan is but trust in him as this is his will for us and knows exactly where and who he wants in our family.

Much Love,
Tnt and Boys

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