Saturday, December 20, 2008

So Much

Well So much can change in a day. On Thursday of this week our main man T was laid off from his job that he has had for 15 years. We are heartbroken but not without hope. For we know that God will continue to provide for us as he always has.

We are still going to attend the meeting in January but are uncertain if we can continue with the foster program since he is out of work.

So we will keep you updated. Pray that God will provide a new job quickly for my wonderful husband.

All our love,

Sunday, December 14, 2008

In January

Well, we have another meeting with social workers and trainers to determine if this program is right for us, this meeting will take place in Winchester, VA on January 12Th. If this program is the one then we begin training on the following Saturdays. The training will be complete on February 14Th! What a perfect Valentine gift. What they tell us is that while we are completing the training the Home Study will be completed at the same time. Now, this being the government we are expecting many delays and lags in communication.

So that is what we have going on. The kids are so excited, before each meeting they ask if this is the meeting we are going to bring home a brother or sister! They are too cute.

I am still nervous but they tell us that is normal. That they would be concerned if we were not at the thought of having a child come into the home and have to give them back. We have learned a lot and in some ways I am feeling a little more comfortable after having time to review and read more about the process.

Well, we pray everyone has a very happy and Merry Christmas.

T n T

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Meeting

We attended the meeting last night. I have some mixed feelings about the meeting. In some ways I feel as though I am grieving the loss of my dream to adopt from Russia, and having a hard time with the whole foster process. Trav really likes the idea of the adoption through foster program. The chance to get to know the child and their personality, the opportunity to bond with them.

The adoption program does not have a child 0 to 5 available for adoption. So we will have to do a high risk adoption which is through the foster to adopt program. We will be with the foster program with the goal of Reunification of mother and child. So we will be taking the child to visits with the parent weekly. A Social worker will be coming out monthly to check on the child as well.

To begin we will have to take 27 hours of training, a home interview and home study that consists of everyone getting a background check. The dog will have to be cleared by the vet that she is safe and is up to date on her vaccinations. Everyone in the home as well will have to have a letter from the Doctor as well that all are healthy.

The training will begin in February so we have some time before this ride begins. I am most nervous about having a child in my arms and having to return them to their Mother or Father. Am I strong enough? No but praying that God will give me the strength to handle this heartache.