Sunday, August 28, 2011


Our family of five had physicals done at Kaiser in July. We had to take our children back in for blood work, then back in for shots that they felt the children needed, then the TB test reading, on this past Friday they called to say they forgot to give the children vision and hearing tests. So on Monday i took the boys back in again for the fifth visit for their physicals. During this appointment I requested that the paperwork get signed. I learned that the Doctor was actually on vacation and was not available for the next 45 days. I was livid. So after making a formal complaint with management the boys paperwork was signed. Unfortunately T and my physicals were not able to be signed as the Doctor that performed the physicals does not have a license for practicing in the state of Virginia. Not sure why Kaiser has her working in Virginia if she doesn't have her state license.

So before school started the last week of August, I sat at Kaiser for three hours awaiting our paperwork to be signed. I did finally get the boys physicals signed, but he unfortunately did not write letters of explanation to the surgery B had for his eyes, and the anemia the boys have. So we are still awaiting completed forms and do not know when we will receive our forms.

After waiting a few more weeks I finally gave up, requested a copy of the boys records and took them to Corbin's doctor. She filled out all the paperwork, wrote the letters and had a notary come in to sign the paperwork. So finally the boys physicals are done. We also finally heard from our doctor at Kaiser and she completed our paperwork correctly.

So physicals completed!!

and the boys

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