Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our Meeting

Well, we attended the meeting in winchester last night. I never realize how far away anything is since I rarely leave my little circle here in our area. It was far!

The meeting was full of great information. We were sent home with ten million pieces of paperwork to fill out. We have to decide on going with this agency that is private or going directly with the county. We are not sure of which way to go.

The one thing that T and I both left there thinking of how scary it seems at times. One thing that did interest both of us is the thought of taking on a pregnant teen. The sad situations they are facing just broke our hearts. As he was talking, that many of the teens they have in custody that are pregnant are because of being raped by their parents boyfriend. So they have been taken from their mother.

We have many questions to ask and many things to think about as we go forward. If we begin this program then the first training is January 31st. We would be licensed as soon as three months to take a child. So we are filling out papers and praying as to which way to go. Do we go with the state program or go with the private agency?

Any one out there having done this before what is the benefits of going with the private or state?

Thanks everyone,

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Millie said...

Wow, quite a decision. I'll be praying for God to lead you to the perfect agency and perfect child for your family.
Millie and Colin