Thursday, January 15, 2009

Home Study Interview

Well the county finally got back in touch with us after I emailed and called every number they gave me! :-) So after speaking with the county and with the private agency T and I have decided that we will go with the County program.

The main reason being is that the private agency is a therapeutic agency. This means that they will only receive high level need kids in the areas of medical needs and in behavior. That being said its not that we would not love this child with all our hearts but having lived separately for several years with Keebbie in and out of the Hospital in several different states. We just don't feel we could ask that of the boys to do it again knowingly.

So we have set up our training and our first home visit with the county. The county will come out NEXT Friday!!! This will be an initial interview with us and to just take a look at the house. We then are scheduled to begin training with them on February 21st! I can't believe how quickly things are moving once they decide to move. The training is about 9 weeks and our home study is done during that time. So we will be ready for child placement in about 4 to 6 months. Then the wait begins for the child God plans to bring into our home.

How can you be praying for us during this time....

Prayer for T.... and his job. He has just finished gathering his 15 years of work experience and such and handed it over to a professional resume writer that happens to be a good friend of ours. So he is projected to begin job hunting next week some time.

Pray for GAB that they will be patient during the training and wait as will I :-)
That they will not feel threatened or scared from the many new faces they will meet and be asking them so many questions. Specifically pray for G as he still DOES NOT like to talk about Keebie's hospital time and death. He will have to be interviewed by a social worker this topic will come up and I expect it will be difficult for him.

Pray for the child or children that will be coming into our home that we can demonstrate love and compassion to them. For them not to be fearful and feel very comfortable with us and our family.

Thanks everyone

TnT and GAB too

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