Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our Decision

We have decided that we are not going to proceed with adoption through the Foster to Adopt program. This decision was not made lightly and one that did not come easily. We sat through many hours of classes listening to them talk about how these children were sexually molested, physically abused, mentally abused, neglected and many many other abuses. Then went on to tell us how these children would not adapt well within a home, and our goal is to re-unite the Parents and Child first and for most.

So basically if we were to adopt within Virginia we would need to sit through 42 more hours of this. Then wait for a phone call for a child, then work toward repairing and reuniting that family together for over a year. Then after that failed they would look at others and adoption as an option which could be another year. So we would sit in uncertainty for over a year to two years, not knowing if the child was ours or not. We have no rights what so ever not even allowed to cut the child's hair because they are not ours.

This just seems like something of a form of torture to our family and children. Yes, we want to adopt but not like this. We don't want to put our boys in harms way and hurt them in the process. So we are not going to go through with the adoption program at the county or state level. I can now understand why so many children are just left sitting in foster care after sitting through those classes. It was AWFUL and I have seen A LOT in my life. Nothing compared to that.

So now we wait and pray for a situation that seems right. We are back to looking at private adoption or international adoption. Yes, this is outrageously expensive but still feel this is more along the lines of where God wants us to adopt from. This obviously can't happen until Travis gets a job. So Please pray that he gets a job soon.

Thanks for praying and we will keep you posted

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