Sunday, November 30, 2008

Informational meeting

Well, a lot has changed in our thinking as you can tell from our blog title. We are now pursuing becoming a licenced foster to adopt foster parents. After much prayer and many different discussions, tons of research we have found that adoption is possible in the US. So we are going to stay in-country and try to adopt locally first.

We researched doing a straight adoption and found it to be just as expensive as an international adoption. This is just not something that is possible for us at this time. We may come back to it at a later time (when the economy is booming again! :)

But in the mean time, we begin training to become foster parents this month! So exciting to say the least. We are going to our first informational meeting in one week. We are counting down the days and are so anxious to get started.

We will do much better to keep you updated now that things are on a roll.

T n T and Family!

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